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Benchwood Station Improvements

In addition to being a great amenity for residents, Benchwood Station – informally known as Miller Lane –is also an important revenue generator for the township. Benchwood Station provides more than $2.5 million in revenue annually through hotel tax, Joint Economic Development Zone (JED-Z) income tax and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. These revenue sources provide funding for township services and improvements within the district, and the township is committed to supporting Benchwood Station, by improving its infrastructure.

Toward that end, the township and stakeholders have been working on a roadway improvement plan for Miller Lane and Benchwood Road, since 2021. In 2023, the township entered into a project management agreement with the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (TID) to oversee the design and engineering for the plan. The township hosted a public meeting in October 2023, to share details of the project and receive stakeholder comments. Final design and construction plans were completed in November 2023, and the TID solicited bids for the project in January 2024. Recently, the trustees approved a resolution to enter Phase II of the project management agreement with the TID to oversee the construction of the project and the TID awarded the contract to Brumbaugh Construction. The contractor anticipates beginning construction in mid-April 2024 and having the project substantially completed by December 2024.

This $6 million construction project includes the following capital improvements:

  • Pedestrian and street lighting for the entire Miller Lane corridor
  • A round-a-bout at Maxton and Miller for traffic calming and beautification
  • Full depth pavement repair and resurfacing of existing pavement on Miller Lane
  • A dedicated right turn lane on west bound Benchwood Road to Commerce Center Drive
  • Consistent landscaping and streetscape enhancements along the entire corridor
  • Benchwood Station monument signage at Miller Lane and at the round-a-bout

Benchwood Station Improvements Timeline

Benchwood Station Improvements Task

Date Completion

Authorization to Proceed


Field Survey & Base Mapping


Preliminary Engineering Submitted


Preliminary Right of Way Submitted


Right of Way Acquisition Consultant RFP

August 2023

Final Right of Way Submitted


Final Engineering Submitted


Final Tracings Submitted


Open House for Viewing Plans (Click Here)

10/10/2023 (4:30-6:30pm)

Final Construction Documents RFP


Bid Date


Award Date


Right of Way Acquisition Complete

January 2024

Construction Start

February 2024

Estimated Completion

December 2024

Construction will be tackled in 5 separate phases and is slated to be completed by the end of 2024 or early 2025. Here is the breakdown of the construction schedule, which is subject to change, due to weather or unforeseen delays:

  • Phase I: Full depth pavement repairs and bus pads along Miller Lane (May, June, and July 2024)
  • Phase II: Full depth pavement repairs at intersection of Miller/Benchwood (July 2024)
  • Phase III: Construction of roundabout at Maxton/Miller (August, September, and October 2024)
  • Phase IV: Pavement widening and signal install at Benchwood/Miller (October 2024)
  • Phase V: Asphalt milling and final surface course; finish walk, landscaping, lighting, etc. (November and December 2024)

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