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Benchwood Station Improvements

Benchwood Station – informally known as Miller Lane – is Butler Township’s business district and a key amenity for township residents and travelers. Its restaurants, hotels and retail outlets attract more than 20,000 vehicles every day.
Benchwood Station is also an important revenue generator for the township, providing more than $2 million in taxes annually, through hotel tax, Joint Economic Development Zone (JED-Z) income tax and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. These revenue sources provide funding for township operations and services, and improvements within the district.

In 2021, the Township announced a feasibility study to make Benchwood Station an even greater asset. Many recommendations from the study are under review, from intersection and overpass improvements, to landscaping, lighting, street trees, and branding. Also being considered is a continuous northbound turn on Miller Lane from I-75 and a roundabout at Miller Lane and Maxton Road.

But the plans are by no means set in stone, and the township will continue to meet with stakeholders to share ideas and obtain input. Once alignment is achieved, and the project scope is firmed up, the township will move forward with final design and engineering. Because Benchwood Station is such an important part of the township, the goal is to get it right, rather than get it fast.

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