Limited Home Rule

Butler Township considering Limited Home Rule Designation

Butler Township trustees are considering whether to pursue a “limited home rule” (LHR) designation. As a statutory township, Butler Township has very little flexibility to address many concerns of residents and businesses. Over the past year, trustees have been researching and discussing LHR and ways that the township could benefit from it. In Montgomery County, both Miami Township and Washington Township are LHR townships, and of the 1,308 townships in Ohio, 34 have adopted LHR.

As an LHR township, Butler Township could have the ability to regulate the activities of transient dealers, solicitors and street vendors; set curfew restrictions for minors; pass nuisance and public-safety resolutions; prohibit the storage of abandoned junk vehicles; and enact legislation to control noise and lighting.

As an LHR township, no resolution adopted by the trustees may conflict with the laws of the state of Ohio. This means that the Township MAY NOT establish regulations regarding hunting, trapping, fishing, or the possession, use or sale of firearms; impose new taxes unless voted upon by the general population; modify the structure of the township government; change regulations related to agricultural uses; create criminal offenses or impose criminal penalties; or revise subdivision regulations, road construction standards, storm water regulations or building code requirements.

LHR does not mean duplication of services or duties for Butler Township. The township already has its own police department, zoning and outside legal counsel that assists in matters, when necessary, which are requirements of LHR under section 504 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Should the trustees decide to pursue LHR, the issue will be on the ballot in November. That means residents will be the ones to ultimately decide whether the township adopts LHR by voting yes or no in November. If the measure passes, LHR would be instituted on January 1, 2025.

The trustees will make their decision in early summer. Should they decide to place the issue on the ballot in November, the township will make sure residents can cast an informed vote by hosting meetings and continuing to share information here and through social media channels, newsletters, and personal meetings.

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