Water Contamination Issue

Butler Township was informed by the Ohio Department of Health on October 19, 2020, that sampling of drinking water from public water systems at the Aullwood Farm Discovery Center in Montgomery County had detected contaminants known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). PFAS are a group of manmade chemicals used in many consumer goods and can enter a drinking water source through runoff, spillage or leakage into the soil.

PFAS are classified as contaminants of growing concern, and although Ohio has established action levels for six forms of PFAS, there are no national drinking water standards for PFAS compounds, and their impact on human health is still being researched. Some studies report PFAS exposure can affect the growth, learning, and behavior of infants/children, and may lower fertility, increase cholesterol, affect the immune system, and increase the risk of certain cancers. Sensitive populations such as infants/children, pregnant and nursing women, and those who have compromised immune systems may be at a higher risk of health effects from PFAS exposure. People can be exposed to PFAS by drinking contaminated water, and the only way to know if PFAS are present is to have the water tested.

Your safety and welfare are the most important concerns of your Butler Township elected officials and staff. The Township has developed this webpage so residents can stay informed about the water contamination issue. You can, at any point, reach out to Township Administrator Erika Vogel by phone (937-898-6735) or email (evogel@butlertownship.com).

Here is a guide to the information contained on this page:

    Impacted Residents Survey

    Since being informed on July 1, 2021 of the presence of PFAS in the drinking water wells of some Butler Township residents, Township leadership has moved aggressively to protect their health and welfare. Toward that end, the Township has:

    • Offered to pay the tap-in fee ($1,000) for Township residents who wish to connect to the new City of Union waterline on Martindale and Frederick Pike.
    • Entered into discussions with Montgomery County to explore next steps and availability of public water from adjacent jurisdictions for Butler Township residents.
    • Voted to dedicate American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funds for studies, plans, and infrastructure improvements related to clean water for township residents.
    • Conducted an Impacted Resident Survey (survey results below)
    • Entered into an Agreement with Montgomery County for Technical Assistance Related to Water Contamination Issue.

    Here is some other information you can access to see how the Township has responded to this issue: