Electric Aggregation

Electric Aggregation

On May 23, 2023, Township Trustees voted to approve an early renewal for its aggregation supply agreement due to the expected hot summer and rise in market rates.  Following the current agreement, which expires in August 2023, the township will continue to be supplied by Dynegy Energy Services, which has offered a new rate of 6.9 cents or $0.06899 per kWh, for a 21-month term, beginning September 2023 through May 2025.

Under the Electric Aggregation program, Butler Township provides their residents and businesses the opportunity to receive preferred rates on their electric bills. The program is possible through a concept called governmental aggregation, where Township officials bring together citizens to gain group-buying power for the purchase of electric from a retail supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Butler Township voters approved this program in November 2016.

Through your Township Electric Aggregation Program, residents currently receive a rate of 4.76 cents or $0.0476 per kWh and small businesses receive $0.0455 per kWh, which will expire in August 2023. As a Butler Township resident, you are automatically enrolled in the program unless you choose to opt out. To check if you are enrolled,  Dynegy Energy Services and the current rate, should be found on the back of your AES utility bill.

If you are not a current member of the aggregation program and you would like to enroll, you may contact Dynegy Energy Services at 888-682-2170 or by visiting https://www.dynegy.com/municipal-aggregation/communities-we-serve/Ohio/Butler. If you become part of the aggregation, you may cancel the agreement at any time at no charge by providing notice to Dynegy. If you choose to opt out of the program or if you choose to leave the program at a later date, you will be served by your utility (AES) under its standard service offer or until you choose an alternative-supplier. If you switch back to your utility, you may not be served under the same rates, terms, and conditions that apply to other customers served by your utility. You may also compare supplier rates by visiting www.energychoice.ohio.gov.

For questions or problems enrolling with Dynegy Energy Services, you may contact Trebel, LLC, the township’s aggregation management consultant at 877.861.2772 Ext. 2202.

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